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Palm trees

Much has been said about the palm tree- the unique taste of it's fruits and his appearance made him popular!

the palm tree family has 17 sub-species.

in our company, we specialize in raising and distributing of palm trees for any purpose and for any designation.

We have a whole variety of palm species:
Our trees can be seen in a variety of locations and in a variety of projects across israel and countries such: USA, Peru, and in a number of Europian countries.

We specialize in providing solutions for architects, landscape designers, contractors etc...
Trees can be ordered for any purpose.

Our trees grows  Under optimal conditions
, ensuring quelity uprooting and replanting, in order to get a very high percentage of absorption in the soil.

the palm trees reaches to the site of the plantation after undergoing pruning  and spraying against pests and fungi and are ready for planting.

our company works closely with the guidelines and requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Plant Protection regarding the health of the palm trees.