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Everything in the biological world (exept single celled) has a male and female.
Each plant that creates fruits needs the insemination of the female plant and the male plant, in order  to create a "child" or a product which is ultimately the fruit of the tree.

As we know, palm trees fruits named Dates, juicy and nutritious fruit that requires a variety of skills in order for the trees to grow.

We at the our company, have many experience in the production of fertilization powder
 of palm trees.  the powder is made from the male part of palm tree. this is made in order to carry out a manual pollination of the female tree in order to create the fruit.

Pollination happens naturally in the wild, but the manual method is known ever since the beginning of recorded history as the best way to create the dates from the palms. 
The Powder  is said to have mystical properties and medical properties!
It is also used to strengthen the hair, strengthening male potency, removal of ghosts and spirits and a variety of uses ever since the dawn of history.
We have expertise in the collection and preservation of the insemination powder, which should be kept at a certain temperature in order to prevent the loss of strength of the powder.


pollination powder